Greeks, we stand with you (from Barcelona)

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I’ve never been in Greece and I just met few greeks in my life. So, basically, I have no connections with your country, but today I was reading the speech of your Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and I was thrilled. I can’t recognize any sign of humanity in those who want you to suffer more than you are actually suffering.

I just need to say to all the greeks that are suffering this Economic attack, that we stand with you, that we share the same thoughts about this nonsense neoliberal system which permits individuals to collect billions of euros while millions of people are suffering mercilessly all around the world.

I was born in Barcelona and I’m a vocational journalist. I believe that one of the main advantages for the Economic elites nowadays is that they plan their strategies in a global network which link the most powerful people of the world within minutes. On the other hand, we, the common people, we usually don’t have this international bridges to share information, to talk to each other without the interference of the main international medias and news agencies.

So what I propose to Greeks and to any human being of this planet with internet access is to share our thoughts about what’s going on in Greece and to find similarities with our own countries using the tag #GreeksWeStandWithYou. We all are victims of the same system, so better if we all stand together.

Èric Lluent, journalist (Barcelona, 1986)

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